Listen to Oceans by Hillsong United PLZ

Word clouds are a great tool allowing a person to think deeply in a different yet interesting way about a certain topic. Although it could be hard to discover the main idea of a topic, Word Cloud helps to show a specific word that is important to appear bigger and bolder. In classrooms, Word clouds are a great way to help students develop a carefully considered vocabulary. For example, using words and providing its synonyms and antonyms help visualize which word is most fit and useful for what I am writing about. Not only that but it could be a great brainstorming tool to help write about a topic. Putting a bunch of words together allows seeing which words connect with the topic and which ones don’t.  Word Clouds is a tool that helps students understand how to frame the material or the topic they are writing about. This visual emphasis allows for a better understanding and will give students a quick preview of their topic.

In my World Cloud, I chose to put together words from my favorite song. This song is by Hillsong United, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).  As a Christian, I grew up to this song not really knowing what it meant. However, when I grew up, I understood its lyrics and I’ve been connected to it ever since. Using Word Cloud allowed me to see and realize certain words that I didn’t fully pay attention to in the song. For example, bigger and bolded words such as name, rest, eyes, oceans, waves, will, above, and, your, and upon are just normal words but seeing them through Word Cloud allowed me to see a deeper meaning to them in the song. Not only that, but I had an option to change the shape of the Word Cloud which I chose a cross because I saw it best fit the theme of the song. Word Clouds is a great tool which helped me further understand one of my favorite and inspiring songs in a visual way.

Blog Post #6: Revolutionary

Technology has impacted almost every daily aspect of our lives including its effective use on education. Although we might still share the standard way of professors lecturing and students listening, the materials being used to be taught varied over the years. Students today live in a very technological world who many think it reaches a positive outcome. Most students use some forms of technology such as Ipads, Laptops, or smart devices to study and write notes opposing to handwriting them or opening a book to follow along with the professor.  Are we really learning the material this way? Are we actually paying attention to what the professor says?  Or are we comfortable zoning out because of having access to the powerpoints professors are utilizing anytime?

As a college student, I didn’t utilize any but one of the really expensive books I bought for my courses. The books cost about 400 dollars,  but professors tend to utilize powerpoints and online assignments more than assigning homework from the book. So is there really any point for buying a $200 book? Or is it just to buy the book only for its online access codes for assignments and such?  Throughout my short experience at college, I tend to look anything I don’t know or didn’t quite capture or understand from the lecture online rather than looking in the book. Sources such as Chegg who provide online tutors googling information, and watching youtube videos on topics I need extra practice on, the internet is willing and happy to provide me with help. Although many could take advantage of these online sources to get answers, many utilize it correctly to only figure out how to get the answer. College students don’t fully depend on lectures or professors as much due to sources such these on the internet that provide extra help. 

Technology can for sure transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment even in a children’s classroom.  According to a recent report by Ed technology, an astonishing 96% of teachers believe technology has had a positive impact on the way children participate and learn in lessons. Technology in the classroom tend to be a significant influence on the way schools teach, and the way children learn. 49% of teachers admit tech has made them more efficient at planning and giving lessons. 54% of teachers claimed it made learning easier, interactive, and more engaging among children due to the variety and exciting websites they utilize. With the rapid growth of technology and innovations of devices, teachers and students have to be up to date to provide the best and most effective learning experience possible in today’s modern education.

Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to providing students with new ways to learn and work together. With the worldwide reach of the Internet and easy access to smart devices that require one click or a login, a revolutionary age of anytime anywhere education is emerging.


Quickie Quick reads on technology’s positive outcome

There are many ways in which technology impacts our world everyday especially college kids. Technology gives college students access to a wide variety of tools that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to or would have to pay for. For struggling college students, paying for resources could create potential financial conflicts. Not to mention the easily accessible information relevant to your requests. For example, when researching a topic, technology allows you to do a quick search as opposed to looking through tons of books to find specific information. In addition, technology diminishes the barriers of communication. It allows for constant communication between peers which enhances teamwork and classroom abilities. These two articles go in detail on many positive aspects technologies provides to students.

Digital Activity #7: Privacy is very important these days

Video: Privacy Please: As a human race, we can determine if the environment around us and the people we surround every day if it is private enough for a topic we want to discuss. However, how do we identify that on the internet? When we communicate online there is one solution that becomes very beneficial, GPG, GNU Privacy Guard. It helps users to verify authenticity by using signatures, secure environment, and two-way authentication such as key pair and fingerprint. GPG helps with Authenticity, conventionality, and trust. It is hard to use GPG among devices, operating systems, and email clients while also encryption could be illegal in other countries. Although there could be some implications, GPG targets keeping our privacy and authenticity safe, and ensuring who we are talking to.

Guide: How to Chrome: We tend to have our main search browser ready on the go with all of our previous history and searches. However, this allows trackers to intrude our privacy and steal information about us such as credit card number saved on your computer or websites frequently used. Three ways in which you could keep your information private and out of the hand of strangers are clearing your search engine, changing your default search engine, and incognito mode. By clearing your engine regularly and changing your default to DuckDuckGo, for example, allows your information to be more private as DuckDuckGo does not collect your data traces. Although incognito mode doesn’t give you anonymity on the internet, it clears all of your searches, a number of traces on your browser, downloaded histories, and cookies and temporary files. By using some of these guides, you would help prevent trackers from tracking down your personal information and stealing your identity.

Tool: Conversations: Conversations is an instant messaging application that is only applicable to Android. The app is a similar source to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger. Conversation is an open source XMPP/Jabber client that has the OTR protocol which allows users to encrypt their instant messages to each other. It also enables users to independently verify their correspondents’ identities which is a great tool for identifying and ensuring the person you are talking to. Due to providing extensive privacy to its users, Conversations is not a free app and can be bought through Google Play store. It is also not accessible for all users, only Android users can access this app and Apple users can’t.