Digital Activity #7: Privacy is very important these days

Video: Privacy Please: As a human race, we can determine if the environment around us and the people we surround every day if it is private enough for a topic we want to discuss. However, how do we identify that on the internet? When we communicate online there is one solution that becomes very beneficial, GPG, GNU Privacy Guard. It helps users to verify authenticity by using signatures, secure environment, and two-way authentication such as key pair and fingerprint. GPG helps with Authenticity, conventionality, and trust. It is hard to use GPG among devices, operating systems, and email clients while also encryption could be illegal in other countries. Although there could be some implications, GPG targets keeping our privacy and authenticity safe, and ensuring who we are talking to.

Guide: How to Chrome: We tend to have our main search browser ready on the go with all of our previous history and searches. However, this allows trackers to intrude our privacy and steal information about us such as credit card number saved on your computer or websites frequently used. Three ways in which you could keep your information private and out of the hand of strangers are clearing your search engine, changing your default search engine, and incognito mode. By clearing your engine regularly and changing your default to DuckDuckGo, for example, allows your information to be more private as DuckDuckGo does not collect your data traces. Although incognito mode doesn’t give you anonymity on the internet, it clears all of your searches, a number of traces on your browser, downloaded histories, and cookies and temporary files. By using some of these guides, you would help prevent trackers from tracking down your personal information and stealing your identity.

Tool: Conversations: Conversations is an instant messaging application that is only applicable to Android. The app is a similar source to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger. Conversation is an open source XMPP/Jabber client that has the OTR protocol which allows users to encrypt their instant messages to each other. It also enables users to independently verify their correspondents’ identities which is a great tool for identifying and ensuring the person you are talking to. Due to providing extensive privacy to its users, Conversations is not a free app and can be bought through Google Play store. It is also not accessible for all users, only Android users can access this app and Apple users can’t.

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