Blog Post #3: Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?

As technology grows and evolves, we as a society tend to evolve, grow, and learn the new innovations that come out every year or perhaps every few months. College kids back then experienced “the paper directory with everyone’s number and the friendly prank calls.” In contrast to today’s college kids, we tend to get numbers through DM on Instagram. Social media had been an empowering aspect in the life of a college kid today. Posting the best photos to show off your personality and feed, tweeting your opinions, likes and dislikes, and snapping and sharing valuable moments help identify us as a person. Although we tend to share almost our daily lives with others, we don’t post our full ideas and opinions fearing criticism.

One of the recent main topics that were merely discussed online was the election of Donald Trump. Although it’s a freedom of speech country, others felt compelled to talk about it online fearing an increase of hate, disapproval, and change of opinion about someone. College kids are surrounded by everyday entertainments, clubs, community service, and parties on the weekend. Although we might want to share online every fun moment, we fear to share a photo holding a red solo cup or a snap taking a shot thinking it would interfere with our future career. Throughout middle and high school, teachers and counselors always said: “once something online is posted, it is never gone from the internet and someone will find it and bring it back.” I truly agree and believe with this statement due to updates such as screen recording and screenshots. Your videos and photos can be on someone else’s phone that you never thought it would be and can be reposted.

If social media was ever banned or magically banished from our school, people would be very bored and have no drama to follow or people to stalk. People would also find it very difficult to approach and get to know others. Social media helps us get to know someone online without facing them face to face which makes others feel uncomfortable doing it in real life. For example, today many people break up over text because it is easier to deal with it over the phone than to talk about it face to face. Also, long-distance relationships are based on social media, FaceTiming, texting and keeping in touch. If these apps were banned, there would be no way of communicating and might result in a breakup.

Now that I think about it, It is very sad to think that technology can control your love life and your everyday decisions. This shows how negatively social media really impact us every day. We don’t realize our abundant time usage on it and the negative consequences that follow it. I believe taking a break from social media once in a while is a great chance to find yourself and who you really are compared to the person you want others to perceive you as.

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  1. In the article written by Conor Friedersdorf, “Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?” he states his concern about how technology is negatively affecting college students. Conor, believes that compared to the time when he went to Claremounts College to now, technology’s role is way more significant than before. He believes this might be a bad thing, but that is his opinion in which he is entitled to.
    Your point regarding the fear of criticism is extremely relevant and important regarding the abundance of technology in college life. People want to be connected through social media, but do not express their feeling and thoughts because they do not want to be criticized for it afterwords. Of course, these people fear conflict which might not be a great trait for their future professional life, but you might be able to work through it by starting to post anonymously but in a polite manner.

  2. I agree that with technology/our phones gone many people would feel totally lost. They would keep reaching for their phone or go to text someone and realize they can’t. Also, I do know a lot of people that rely on their phones to communicate with people from their hometown. But, I feel as though people can still manage to function without technology. Today we still need to have face to face conversations with our professors and friends. In order to meet people during orientation we had to introduce ourselves and talk to others. I went to a sleep away camp where we weren’t allowed to bring technology and even as 9th graders, we were able to meet a lot of new people. I formed some great friendships that I think were even stronger than they would have been if we had technology. On another note I feel as though the children in the generation below us may have a harder time. This is due to the fact that they are growing up where the world is so technology focused. Throwing a tablet or phone at a three year old to make them stop crying, doesn’t allow them to learn the skills necessary to deal with conflict.

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