Googling Myself: I Want my Social Platforms to Portray The Person I Want to Be

Social media has its many virtues and vices. Many people believe they are becoming less social as a result of it but others say it’s bringing them closer than ever. To me, it is more of seeing what is out there and how to connect with everybody. I like to follow pages I love. I like to get inspired whether to work out or outfits to buy and wear. I also like to connect with my family and friends back in Egypt and what they are up to. Online, I am portrayed based on my social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, vsco, and Pinterest and it would be a way for people to see who I am. I would want people to think that I am an interesting person with interesting hobbies and likes. I would like to be presented as different and not as common as everyone else where they could remember my profile based on what I post.

Five years from now, I want to be less more of a private person and allow others to see who I am and what I am like. For example, I want to make all of my social platforms public and be more active among all of them. I also want to evolve my berg domain after my FYS class is over. For example, I would want to post trips I’ve taken over the summers, researchers I’ve done, study abroad program and my experiences throughout. I could also make a guide on classes, studies, and workshops I’ve attended for anybody going to major in biology on a pre-med track in the near future.

When I googled myself on a foreign computer, I discovered that I was signed up a platform known as Sutori which I never thought I had an account on. However, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Berg domains, and my new twitter account for my FYS class automatically came up by looking my first and last name, Suzane Girgis. Throughout every platform, I was presented differently. For example, when I clicked on Facebook, my basic Facebook profile came up with my profile and header pictures. Surprisingly, my facebook account isn’t private at all. It showed all of my friends, pictures I am tagged in, pictures I posted, people who follow me, and my personal information. I clicked on another platform such as Instagram, and this one showed up as private showing my profile picture, bio information, how many posts I have, and my following ratios. I am not surprised because I prefer setting my social platforms private and accept people I know to view it.

The coolest thing I found while googling myself was pressing on images and see how I was portrayed. One of the main things that popped up was my Pinterest pins and images I favorited on it. For example, I favorited things such as outfits, cars, a YouTuber I used to watch all the time and inspired pictures to take for my Instagram. Some of these pictures came up only by pressing photos on google along with my Pinterest profile picture. When I pressed on Pinterest, it showed my different pins, albums, and things I like.

Another cool thing that I noticed while looking through google images were my Prezi projects for my various subjects back in Highschool. For example, images such as bloom syndrome and poetry out loud appeared with all of my work on there. This shows my Prezi not being set on private and that anyone could have access to it and see my work. This brought back so many memories such as people I worked with, how long it took us, and my teacher reviewing it after school to make sure it was exactly what she wanted. Moving onto bigger education just made me realize that it won’t be as easy as high school and we couldn’t just skip through class without having our homework done and ready to go. College is always going to be a challenge but we are going to surpass it and be whoever we are meant to be.

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